Established IT company in IoT market for remote monitoring Sydney

Established IT company in IoT market for remote monitoring Sydney


This gem of an IT engineering company was established in 2001 and is a leader in IoT remote monitoring, control, and data collection. With some fantastic IP, they have only really tapped the Sydney market, with plenty of scope for a buyer with national and international reach.

Over this period the company has continued to develop their technology with a performance capability and flexibility that enables it to be deployed into a broad range of environmental and infrastructure remote monitoring and control applications.

Their ongoing investment in both hardware and software development has ensured the company’s technology has remained contemporary, with recent primary research and development activity focused on:

  • Development and refinement of a cellular CAT M long-range, low power solution.
  • Development of an ultra-low power CPU providing multi-year battery operation.
  • Migration of the server-based management portal to the Cloud.
  • Migration of existing wireless remote I/O to a LoRa-based wireless solution.

The company has three staff. One Director would like to retire. The Technical Director would be happy to stay on for an agreed period to ensure a smooth transition to the new owners. Their technical officer, with a broad skill set, would be an asset to the new owners and will also provide valuable knowledge transfer.

They operate out of an office-warehouse unit with ~$80k of stock and IP of ~$550k.

It is priced well below development costs, so you will need to be quick.

Experience smart internet of things IOT real time solutions digital security business Australia. 

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The owners are motivated to sell and are open to offers + stock.



John Mc Nabb 0499 550 577